Tea’s Role in Losing Weight

Research into the health benefits of tea is turning up some pretty incredible re-
sults.  It turns out that the tiny tea leaf contains a whole host of healthy ingred-
ients and more are turning up every day.  One of the interesting benefits of tea
drinking, is its ability to act as an aid in losing weight.
At only four calories (without
milk or sweeteners), tea is
already a healthy, low calorie choice.  Although
the effects of tea go well beyond its calorie
content, but rather how it interacts with the
foods we eat, and how our body breaks them
down and chemically digests them.
There are three main ingredients in tea that aid
in weight loss; caffeine, which stimulates
metabolism, L-theanine, which acts as an
appetite suppressant and helps to neutralize
any harmful effects of caffeine. And lastly
there’s EGCG which helps to burn fat.

We’ll look at each one to see how they work to
take off unwanted pounds.

                                             First we’ll look at caffeine.  There are many different ways that
caffeine works with tea, but in regard to weight loss it works by
increasing the body’s basal metabolic rate or BMR.
The basal metabolic rate is a measure of your body’s use of energy
to maintain basic functions, such as heart rate, breathing, and
maintaining the correct body temperature, just to name a few.

An increase in the body’s BMR is called a
“thermogenic effect.”  The caffeine in tea
causes a thermogenic effect by aiding the
body in burning more calories, which in turn
boosts weight loss.

Next there’s L-theanine which works in a tot-
ally different way to help lose weight.  L-
theanine acts as an appetite suppressant and
helps neutralize any harmful effects of caff-
eine (although the

caffeine in tea is processed
far differently than that found in other food
Last but not least, is EGCG.  This powerful
polyphenol is associated with a group called
catechins.  EGCG is one of a group of four powerhouse polyphenols found in tea that affects the
action of amalyse – an enzyme found in saliva that helps in digesting carbohydrates.  It also
works further down in the digestive tract.

The EGCG in tea works to slow the absorption of carbohydrates, preventing sharp peaks in blood
insulin levels (also good for diabetics), which in turn help burn fat, rather than allowing it to

Continuing Research on Tea & Weight Loss

                                             Researchers are just beginning to understand the implications of
tea on weight loss.  In a blind study of 60 obese women on daily
1,800 calorie diets, half were given green tea supplements three
times a day, at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with the other half
given placebos.
After two weeks, the group taking the

green tea supplements had
lost twice as much weight as those taking placebos.  And, even
more impressive, after 30 days on the trial, the group taking green tea extracts lost three times
as much weight as those women who were just on a dieting regimen.
Even though today we understand the science behind how tea works with our body to help lose
weight, during it’s early discovery tea was considered to be a medicinal tonic, not considered to
be a pleasurable beverage until much later.

Buyer Beware

Of course, with the news of tea’s ability to help lose weight, there are those who’ve jumped  on
the bandwagon with products containing tea, declaring miracle results.  So, as with anything
you ingest, be cautious, research carefully, and talk to your physician before starting any new

The Sun, the Stars, the Moon, and
Numbers?? Align to Help Us Lose Weight

Another method of weight loss is one most of us have never heard of.  And, while you’re likely
familiar with having your Astrological Chart done, or with Tarot Card readings, you may not
have ever heard of Numerology, an ancient method of divination using numbers as symbols for
different vibrational patterns, that make up the human life and experience.
While we better understand how our emotions or physical being is
changed during different phases of the sun, moon, and stars (how
many times have you heard someone say “there must be a full
moon tonight?” to explain odd occurrences in human behavior?),
it’s hard to imagine how those same changes can occur from num-
bers or letters.

Yet it’s interesting to note that the modern and popular system of
Chinese Astrology known as the Four Pillars is actually a numer-
ological method based on the calendar, and not the movement of
the solar system.

In India many of their methods of astrological divinations are also based on numerological techniques.  Some use only
approximate positions of the planets, or sequences and cycles of time, with no relationship to planets at all, but
rather numerological methods based on the symbolic value of numbers, not observations of the sky.
Other schools of Numerology originated in ancient Taoist cosmologies that follow the theory of
Yin and Yang and the Five Elements.  These methods, developed into what’s known as 9 Ki or
Kyusei in Japan, and Yijing (I-Ching), are believed to be older than the origin of numbers.

The term “Numerology” was first used in a book written by Dr. Julia Seton in 1937.  Before that,
this type of divination was referred to as the Science of Numbers or Arithmancy.

Today Numerology is being used as a reliable way to look at your inner self and the various
psychological, physical, and spiritual processes that make up your life as a whole.  It’s being
used to identify and emphasize strengths, and overcome weaknesses.  This new form of
Numerology science has been adapted to eating spiritually, one of the oldest and wisest ways
to eat.

Called the

Numerology Diet it uses a formula to find your Universal Number.  Using that
number, you then follow a simple fool-proof method to determine which foods you should
eat daily to help balance your spirit’s vibrations.
By following the

Numerology Diet you can boost your health, energy, and restore your
ideal body weight by either losing (or gaining if you’re underweight).  This is done with
no dieting, just by eating what are considered High Vibe foods that are assigned to you
based on your unique Universal Number.

Numerology Diet is the first spiritually based eating system that fully connects you
to your highest vibrational energy, while providing the ideal nourishment for your
It’s the fastest way to not just lose weight, but to change your body and improve
your shape, your health, and your energy.  The Numerology Diet is a proven system
that produces both spiritual and physical changes in an easy to follow plan.  For more
information or to learn more, visit the

Numerology Diet.  Enjoy.