Why Is Tea Against The Word Of Wisdom?

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What does the word of wisdom say about drinking tea?

  • According to the Word of Wisdom, one should avoid drinking ″hot beverages.″ Tea and coffee are the only kinds of hot beverages that the religion recognizes.
  • However, the tea that is being referred to here is the traditional, habit-forming, caffeine-filled tea that is the staple of tea addicts and people who are hooked to it.
  • The following is a message from the Lord concerning the application of several herbs:

What drinks are against the word of wisdom?

(2) According to the Word of Wisdom, you should not consume beverages with names that include the words café or caffé, mocha, latte, espresso, or anything that ends in -ccino. These beverages almost always contain coffee. Green Tea and Iced Tea: Both green tea and iced tea are still deemed to be tea by the New Era, and so they are forbidden by the Word of Wisdom.

Is black tea&coffee against the word of wisdom?

Both black tea and coffee are devoid of any of those qualities. During Elder Jeffrey R. Holland’s most recent trip to St. George, Utah, the president of our stake inquired of him regarding the permissibility of drinking green tea in light of the Word of Wisdom. Elder Holland confirmed that this conduct is in violation of the Word of Wisdom.

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Is green tea strictly forbidden in the word of wisdom?

  • Or maybe the most important issue is, ″Does the Word of Wisdom expressly condemn the consumption of green tea?″ Because we have not yet agreed upon a definition of that, the quickest and most accurate response is that I do not know.
  • Because the church has not yet issued an official statement to define it, it is up to my own free will and the revelations I get from the Holy Spirit to determine what to do.

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