How To Get Tea In Let’S Go Pikachu?

In Pokemon Let’s Go, you’ll need to keep making your way through the game until you reach Celadon City, which is home to the Grass-type Gym. Only then will you be able to get your hands on the tea. After finishing Vermillion City and obtaining the Light Up Secret Technique, you will need to go via Rock Tunnel in order to arrive in Lavender Town.

After entering Celadon City for the first time in Let’s Go, continue going to the left and you will eventually pass a man who is holding a Poliwrath. You are about to have a confrontation with Brock, the Head Trainer of the Pewter City Gym. After you have gotten within a certain distance, he will engage in conversation with you before offering you some Pewter Crunchies and then some Tea.

Where can I find the thirsty guard in Pokemon Let’s go?

Now, all that is required of you is to travel to Saffron City and deliver the tea to the guard who is thirsty. That settles it. If there is anything more that you require, please do not hesitate to go over any of our other instructions for Pokemon Let’s Go.

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