How Much Is Snarky Tea Worth?

She began selling ″Feel Good″ teas close to the time that the company was acquired. These teas, which have titles like ″Cleanse″ and ″Detox,″ are exactly the same as the previous ones, but they lack the snark. As in the month of May in the year 2022, the firm is very much operational and has sales of close to one million dollars.

Who owns snarky tea?

Jenni-Lyn Williams, the founder of Snarky Tea, is not your normal entrepreneur. In fact, the entire concept of the Snarky Tea business is based on subverting our preconceptions about tea. Prior to selecting to pursue an MBA at the Villanova School of Business, Jenni-Lyn held a position at the Lincoln Financial Group in Radnor, Pennsylvania. She was located in the state of Pennsylvania.

Is snarky tea back on Shark Tank in 2018?

Now in the Year 2018 — An Update on Snarky Tea Following Shark Tank Since the first broadcast of the Snarky Tea episode on Shark Tank in October 2017, there has been no information released on the potential business partnership between Jenni-Lyn and her new shark investors.

Does snarky tea really taste that bad?

There are approximately 200 evaluations of Snarky tea on Facebook, and more than ninety percent of them have perfect scores of five out of five stars. Customers appear to have a strong affinity for the product, with the majority of evaluations focusing on how positively they experienced the tea’s high level of both flavor and quality.

Does snarky tea have a rep program?

In June of 2018, the company introduced a subscription service for returning customers, the majority of whom appear to be, and in the beginning of July, Snarky Tea introduced a pilot program for women to become independent representatives for the company and sell Snarky Tea to friends and family from the convenience of their own homes.

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