Fire Emblem Three Houses Who Likes Tea?

Shamir, just like the other characters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, is extremely passionate about her preferred beverage.Copyright Nintendo As was said before, each character can have a maximum of three preferred brews (although some, like Lysithea, have even more!).Should you choose to invite one of them to your party, they will either comment on the quality of the tea or how considerate you are.

What are the benefits of Fire Emblem Three Houses?

In Fire Emblem Three Houses, if you invite your pupils or other characters to your house for tea, you will have a greater chance of developing relationships with them.

Is the Golden Deer House Good Fire Emblem Three Houses?

When compared to the other two houses in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the Golden Deer House has a more relaxed attitude and places less emphasis on the bizarre histories of its leaders, such as Dimitri and Edelgard. The following is a list of some of Claude and his band of archers’ likes and dislikes, broken down into categories.

Can you recruit Felix and Ingrid in Fire Emblem Three Houses?

With Felix and Ingrid, the Blue Lions feature two of my favorite troops in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Felix is a superb sword wielding, while Ingrid is an absolutely stunning Pegasus knight. Both of these units are part of the Blue Lions. You are able to recruit either one using the following breakdown of likes and dislikes:

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