Tools That Put the Tea in Portabili-ty

If you are anything like me your life gets busier every day, leaving less and less
time for the details. Even though brewing tea is fairly easy, in the morning every
minute is important to getting your day off to the right start.
Plus, I’ve never been much of a
“morning person,” so any tool
that can make those first few
hours of the day easier gets a big ol’ thumbs up
from me.
There are lots of handy

tools that help make life
easier and one of them is an automatic tea or
coffee brewer.  They not only brew a nice steaming
hot cup of tea or coffee (or even hot chocolate),
but can be programm-
ed to brew at a sche-
duled time so that
when you get up your
cup of tea will be
waiting for you, fresh
and hot.

Finally a Brewer Made Just For Tea!
Lastly, there are lots of different brands of multi-cup tea and coffee brewers on the market, but
most of them are geared toward making coffee rather than tea.  It’s just recently that hot
beverage brewer manufacturers have given thought to the needs of tea drinkers and have
begun to offer machines made specifically for 
brewing tea.
One of these is the TriniTEA electric tea maker offered by Adagio.  This nifty little tea brewer
brews up to four cups of tea at one time and has three controls – the
power switch, steeping time control, and water temperature control.

You just pour in the water, measure the appropriate amount of loose
tea into the steeping chamber, select the correct setting for the type
of tea being brewed, whether black,

greenoolong, etc., and press
the power switch.
The tea flows into the waiting teapot without any loose leaf particles,
and a hotplate keeps the extra tea warm until the machine is turned
off.  It is easy to clean, with all parts dishwasher safe (a great feature).

Michael Cramer, Adagio’s marketing manager says, “it’s not easy being
a tea drinker in our coffee-obsessed society.  While coffee devices are
affordable and easy to use, tea drinker’s haven’t had the same luxury.
Our device hopefully puts an end to this, infusing tea preparation with
a novel ingredient – convenience.”  Hallelujah!  From your lips… Michael.
For more information or to purchase the TriniTEA brewing machine click above right.

For Keurig, Tassimo, or other one-cup tea brewers, along with accessories visit:

  The Tea
Detective’s Gift of Tea Store.

There are several different one cup brewers on the market that brew a quick cup of tea at home
or work, right at your desk if you like.
They come in different types and styles.  Two
popular styles are the Keurig B60 (and similar
models), and Tassimo one cup brewers which
both serve up a fresh hot cup of tea in about
one minute.  Both use ready-to-brew teas,
coffee, and hot chocolate varieties.  Keurig
takes K cups, and Tassimo T Disks, both of
which are easy to use.

With the Tassimo one cup brewer you simply
insert the T-Disk into the machine, press the
button and a unique bar code on the T-Disk
instantly tells the brewer how to precisely
prepare your chosen beverage.  So whether
it is

black tea or more delicate white tea,
coffee, or hot chocolate, it is brewed to
Both Tassimo T-Disks and Keurig K cups come in a
vast range of beverage choices and flavors, so you
don’t have to worry about being limited to just a
small variety.

One cup brewers, like the Keurig B30 mini brewer are great for home or work, for dorm rooms, in
your RV, cabin, studio or small apartment – wherever you have space issues.

Travel mugs are also a handy way to have your tea on the go.
Some are insulated so they keep your

hot tea hot, and your cold tea
                                          cold.  Also available are 12v models that plug into your car’s lighter
and even some that plug into your computer with a USB connector.
(The model in the link to the left is a “smart mug,” with temperature
select control between 85F and 160F and alert when desired temp-
erature is ready).
Tuck a few

tea bags and bottle of water into your bag and while
waiting for your kids to finish sports or music practice you can have a
cup of tea.  Pour water into your 12v travel mug, wait for the water
to heat, add your tea bag and steep for around five to six minutes.
The water won’t boil, but it will get moderately hot – enough so that
steeping for a few extra minutes will give you an okay cup of tea
(hey, if you are 
dying for a cup of tea after running errands and
being on the go all day, who cares if it’s perfect, right?)
But if you want a

hot cup of tea while out and about, plan ahead and boil a few cups of water
and pour it into an insulated thermos bottle, before leaving home.  Tuck some tea bags into your
bag, and you can enjoy a truly hot cup of tea anytime, anywhere.