Who Owns Bigelow Tea?

Bigelow Tea is the market leader in the United States for speciality teas, and it produces over 1.7 billion tea bags per year. Cindi Bigelow is the third generation to manage the family business as President and CEO of Bigelow Tea.

What is the history of Bigelow Tea?

  • Bigelow Tea Company is the company.
  • The Bigelow Tea Company is an American maker of dry teas with headquarters in Fairfield, Connecticut.
  • The company was originally known as R.C.
  • Bigelow, Inc.
  • In 1945, Ruth C.

Bigelow established the company using a formula for a tea that she called ″Constant Comment″ and sold to consumers.The business sells more than fifty different kinds of tea, including black, green, and herbal variations.

Who is the CEO of Bigelow?

Cindi Bigelow is the current president and CEO of the family-owned business Bigelow Tea, making her the third generation to hold these positions. In the 20 years leading up to her assumption of the position in 2005, she gained experience in nearly every facet of the business that had been started by her grandmother.

What kind of real estate did John Bigelow own?

Bigelow built commercial real estate, including hotels, motels, and apartment complexes, beginning in the late 1960s and continuing into the 1990s. During the course of his career in real estate, Bigelow developed about 15,000 residential units and bought an additional 8,000.

What inspired Ruth Campbell Bigelow to make her tea?

In the year 1945, Ruth Campbell Bigelow, in the kitchen of her New York City brownstone, focused her creative energies on formulating a better cup of tea. She was motivated to do so by a recipe from the early Colonial era, and she was dissatisfied with the commodity tea that was commonplace in the 1940s.

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