Where Did The Twisted Tea Smack Happen?

Latest update: 1:45 p.m., January 3, 2021 Twitter According to a video that has now gone viral, a customer at a Circle K in Elyria, Ohio, responded to a guy who uttered the n-word by hitting him over the head with a can of Twisted Tea.

Where did the Twisted Tea Video take place?

It is not quite clear when the incident in question actually took place.Nevertheless, we are aware that the altercation took place inside a Circle K gas station in the city of Elyria, Ohio, in the state of Ohio, close to Cleveland.Since its release, the Twisted Tea video has gone viral, which has resulted in an endless flood of memes, most of which make fun of the ‘weapon’ of choice that was used to take down the racist gas station customer.

What happened in the Twisted Tea fight?

The fight starts when the Twisted Tea is slapped across the face of the white man, and it concludes when the other person is pinned by the black man using a wrestling maneuver. The video has received a lot of views, but some people are still curious about what happened and whether or not either of the two men involved were arrested.

Who is the guy in the Twisted Tea Video?

It appears that the man who can be heard hurling racist insults in the video for Twisted Tea may be a person called Randy Teter. Despite this, many people were curious about the identity of the ‘hero’ of the film that went viral.

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