What Happens If You Accidentally Ingest Tea Tree Oil?

Tea tree oil has the ability to induce a coma if it is ingested in large enough quantities. When tea tree oil is taken, the most common adverse reactions include feeling disoriented, losing control of one’s limbs, and developing a severe rash. In cases when tea tree oil has been accidentally ingested, prompt medical assistance is required.

When used in excessive quantities, it has the potential to produce abdominal discomfort, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.Drowsiness, lack of coordination, hallucinations, and weakness are some of the other symptoms that may be brought on by it.Comas are another possible side effect.It is possible for some of the oil to ″slide″ into the lungs if there is a significant amount of coughing and choking.

Does tea tree oil have any side effects?

Because of its efficacy in treating a wide variety of skin conditions, the oil is frequently used in topical skin care products, despite the fact that it is harmful to one’s health if it is consumed.Tea tree oil, despite its widespread use due to the positive effects it has on the skin, is associated with a number of adverse reactions, the most of which are still unknown to the vast majority of consumers.

What happens if a 4 year old eats tea tree oil?

Oil of tea tree.A little youngster, aged four, was found to have consumed a trace amount of tea tree oil.Within the first thirty minutes, he exhibited ataxic behavior, and then not long after that, he went comatose; paramedics intubated him through the endotracheal tube.His neurologic state continued to improve throughout the course of the following ten hours, and he is doing well on follow-up.Oil of tea tree.

Does tea tree oil make your skin red and Itchy?

Tea tree oil has traditionally been used to treat a variety of skin conditions; nevertheless, there have been reports of it causing skin to become irritated and reddened in some people. Using tea tree oil might not be such a good idea after all, particularly for those who have skin that is very sensitive.

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Is tea tree oil safe to use around mouth?

Since ancient times, people have turned to tea tree oil as a ‘natural’ treatment, particularly for conditions that affect the skin.There is some evidence from scientific studies to suggest that tea tree oil may be beneficial for treating a variety of skin diseases.According to one of the search results on Google, ″It is deadly if consumed and hence should not be used in or around the mouth at any time.″

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