Give The Tea Set To Someone Who Loves Tea Fire Emblem?

Lorenz, who can be located at this point in time down by the fishing pond, is the recipient of the Elegant Tea Set, which you are required to present to him in order to successfully complete the quest.

What is a Tea Party in Fire Emblem 3?

  • Character Preferences Regarding Tea in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Including Likes and Dislikes As important as it is to command your house on the battlefield in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, there is also a significant focus on gaining support levels with other characters.
  • Tea Parties are another way to earn support points in addition to finding lost items and distributing gifts.
  • Both of these activities will reward you with support points.

How do you get tea for two in Fire Emblem 3 houses?

  • The Three Houses Tea for Two Quest is available in Fire Emblem.
  • To begin, you will have to activate the Invite to Tea choice in the menu.
  • It is possible for this to take place as early as Month 2: Blue Sea Moon, which is when you may accept the Tea For Two quest from Ferdinand at the Stable.

This is the earliest time this might take place.As a result of what he describes as a ″terrible blunder,″ he now possesses two sets of the identical tea set.

What does the elegant tea set do in three houses?

  • It is essential to make use of a particular present, the Elegant Tea Set, in order to open the door to one-on-one encounters between you and the pupils who are your top picks (potentially turned love interests).
  • Belle Huston last updated this page on January 22, 2022: Fire Emblem: If you want to explore all of the several plot paths in Three Houses, be prepared for a lengthy experience.
  • It’s possible that you’re still going through them!

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