How Many Pounds Iof Sugar In Cups?

One pound of granulated sugar contains approximately 2 cups. The grain of granulated sugar is the smallest of these sugars so it’s much heavier by weight, therefore you get the fewest number of cups per pound of this type of sugar. Get Our FREE Emergency Baking Substitutions!

How many cups does 5 pounds of flour equal?

Finding a flour storage container that fits in your kitchen AND accommodates a typical 5-pound bag of flour might feel like a quest for a unicorn. The optimal containers for storing 5 pounds of flour will: Possess a tight seal Be constructed of edible stuff (ideally glass or metal, though some plastics are also fine) Liftable or transportable with one hand Have a mouth large enough to accommodate a measuring cup or flour scoop Be simple to clean It is difficult to determine what size container suits a five-pound bag of flour.

  • The majority of containers (fluid ounces, quarts, etc.) are measured by volume, but flour is measured by weight.
  • An average five-pound bag of flour contains around 18 cups of flour.
  • However, as every skilled baker knows, 18 cups of flour is relative, depending on how densely or loosely it is packed.
  • To identify containers with the capacity to hold five pounds of flour, I began by examining containers that I knew could hold that amount of flour.

I was then able to create some baseline ranges from which to work. If you’re searching for a container that can store five pounds of flour, you should seek for something that can: 4.4-6 quarts 150-190 fluid ounces 18-20 cups 1-1.5 gallons 4.5-6 liters While there are many efficient, practical, BPA-free, food-grade plastic flour storage containers available (and on our list! ), it is far more difficult to locate containers that are fashionable enough for the countertop.

  1. Unfortunately, the majority of those adorable countertop trios of beautiful jars for storing flour, sugar, and coffee or tea or whatever cannot accommodate an entire five-pound bag of flour.
  2. Therefore, you must decant part of the flour into the ornamental jar and locate an other location to store the remainder.
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If it works for you, that’s fine, but that’s not my cup of tea. Like the majority of people, I have a modest kitchen and pantry. I desire one container large enough to keep ALL of my flour, as opposed to two smaller containers that each hold a portion of it.