How Many Firmly Packed Cups Of Brown Sugar In A Pound?

How Many Firmly Packed Cups Of Brown Sugar In A Pound
| Last update: 06 April 2022 If you want to know how many cups are in a pound of granulated sugar, brown sugar, or powdered sugar, you’ve come to the right place.1 pound of granulated sugar is approximately 2 14 cups. When tightly packed, 1 pound of brown sugar (light or dark) contains roughly 2 13 cups.

  • Typically, this ingredient calls for a tightly-packed cup in recipes.1 pound of powdered sugar is approximately 3.75 cups (unsifted).1 pound of raw cane sugar is about equivalent to 2 cups.
  • These measurements imply you are spooning sugar into a measuring cup and then using a knife to level it off (without compacting).

Using a cup to scoop sugar from a jar or bag may result in inconsistent measurements. Estimates are for a regular US cup. In the tables below, we’ve included a series of conversions from pounds to cups for various forms of sugar. Additionally, you may convert between cups and pounds for a variety of items with our convenient pounds and cups converter.

How many cups are in a brown sugar package?

Domino® Sugar Package Requirements (approximate)
Domino ® Brown Sugar
1 lb = approximately 2 1/3 cups **
2 lbs = approximately 4 2/3 cups**
4 lbs = 10 cups**