How Many Cups Of Sugar In 350 Grams?

How Many Cups Of Sugar In 350 Grams
Note Regarding Conversion of 350 grams to cups of sugar – Cooking results will be considerably more precise when sugar is measured by weight (350 grams as opposed to 1 3/4 cups). Please note that the conversion of 350 grams of sugar to cups might vary somewhat based on factors such as room temperature, sugar quality, etc.

  • However, if you substitute 350 grams of sugar for 1 3/4 cups, you cannot go wrong.
  • This 350 grams to cups conversion is based on the relationship between 1 cup of white sugar and 200 grams.
  • Gram is abbreviated as g.
  • The value of a cup is rounded to the closest 1/8, 1/3, or integer.
  • Follow this link to see our conversion calculator and learn more about conversion.

Online Unit Converter for 350 Grams of Sugar to Cups

How many cups of sugar are required to equal 500 grams?

500 grams of sugar is equivalent to how many cups? 500 grams of powdered sugar is equivalent to 2.5 cups. Here is a conversion table for 500 grams of different forms of sugar to cups.

Ingredient 500 grams (g)
Brown sugar 2.5 cups
Caster sugar 2.22 cups
Granulated sugar 2.5 cups
Icing sugar 4 cups
Powdered sugar 4 cups

Icing sugar = confectioner’s sugar = powdered sugar

How many cups is 200 grams of sugar?

One cup of granulated sugar weighs 200 grams.

How many cups is 300 grams?


Grams Cups
200g ¾ cup + 1 tbsp
250g 1 cup + 1 tbsp
300g 1¼ cups

How much sugar is 150 grams per cup?

How many grams are in one cup? | Baking conversion 101 Episode 1

How many cups does 150 grams of sugar equal? 150 grams of white granulated sugar is equivalent to 0.75 cups. Here is a conversion table for 150 grams of different forms of sugar to cups.

Ingredient 150 grams (g)
Brown sugar 0.75 cups
Caster sugar 0.67 cups
Granulated sugar 0.75 cups
Icing sugar 1.2 cups
Powdered sugar 1.2 cups

Icing sugar = confectioners’ sugar = powdered sugar