How Many Cups Of Sugar Equals 4 Pounds?

How Many Cups Of Sugar Equals 4 Pounds
9 cups There are approximately 9 cups of sugar in a 4 pound bar of granulated white sugar.

Do 4 cups equal 1 pound?

To convert cups to kilograms, divide by 4. The cups to pounds converter will also convert cups to liters, quarts, and other quantities. Online Calculator

What is the equivalent of 4 ounces in cups?

Ounces to cups conversion formula cup = fluid ounce * 0.125. cup = fluid ounce / 8. Common conversions between fluid ounces and cups: 1 oz Equals 0.125 cup.2 oz Equals 0.25 cup.4 oz Equals 0.5 cup.8 oz Equals 1 cup.16 oz Equals 2 cups.