How Many Cups Is In 3 Lbs Sugar?

How Many Cups Is In 3 Lbs Sugar
Is three cups of sugar equal to one pound? – Not quite Due to the density of granulated sugar, 3 cups would weigh more than 1 pound. Three cups of loose brown sugar would be close to a pound; a pound of loose brown sugar is around three and a half cups. Lastly, 3 cups of powdered sugar would be less than 1 pound, given that a pound of powdered sugar typically includes around 4 cups.

How many cups of bread flour are in one pound?

How Many Cups in a Pound?

Bread flour cups per pound Pounds Cups (US) 1 lb 3.5 cups 2 lbs 7 cups 3 lbs 10.5 cups 4 lbs 14 cups