How Many Cups Is A Box Of Brown Sugar?

Domino® Sugar Package Requirements (approximate)
Domino ® Brown Sugar
1 lb = approximately 2 1/3 cups **
2 lbs = approximately 4 2/3 cups**
4 lbs = 10 cups**

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How many cups are there in a brown sugar box?

How Many Cups Does One Pound of Brown Sugar Contain? – According to the packing principle, a 1-pound bag of brown sugar will contain around 2.5 cups of sugar. A 2-pound bag of sugar should have around 5 cups, whereas a 4-pound bag will include approximately 10 cups.

What is the price of a bag of brown sugar?

Online retailers (e.g., Costco and Amazon) provide some of the lowest costs for 25-pound bags of sugar, but the cost of delivery typically surpasses the price of the sugar itself by close to $20. Brown sugar, which is molasses-treated granulated sugar, costs between $1.70 to $2.25 for a 32-ounce (2-pound) box.

How Should Brown Sugar Be Measured and Packed?

  • Using a spoon, transfer the brown sugar to the measuring cup.
  • Press down Press down on the brown sugar pile until it becomes compact.
  • Repeat

Is brown sugar same as white sugar?

The quantity of brown sugar to be used is same to the quantity of white granulated sugar. Although caster sugar and granulated sugar are not identical, they are interchangeable in baking recipes. Mix 1 cup (200 grams) of granulated white sugar with 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of molasses to produce your own light brown sugar.