How Many Cups In 2Lbs Of Powdered Sugar?

7½ cups The usual 32-ounce package (2 pounds) of powdered sugar has about 7½ cups of powdered sugar.

How many cups of sugar are there in 2 ounces?

One pound is equivalent to three and a half to four cups of unsifted powdered sugar or four and a half cups of sifted powdered sugar. Simply scoop some powdered sugar and level the top with the back of a knife to measure it. Is 8 oz a half-cup?

How many cups does 2 pounds contain?

To convert 2 pounds to cups, multiply 2 pounds by 4, as 1 pound contains 4 cups. In addition to calculating how many cups are in 2 pounds, this calculator also converts 2 pounds to kilograms, grams, milligrams, and more.