How Many Cups In 125G Of Sugar?

How Many Cups In 125G Of Sugar
1/2 cup 1 SWEETENERS

1/2 Cup 1 Cup
White Sugar 125g 250g
Caster Sugar 120g 240g
Icing Sugar 85g 170g
Soft Brown Sugar (Packed) 123g 245g

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How many cups is 150 grams of sugar?

How Many Cups Does 150 Grams Equal? – 150 grams is equivalent to 0.63 cups of water, or 150 grams is equal to 0.63 cups. Please refer to the table below to convert 150 grams of water, sugar, honey, milk, and flour to cups.

Cups in 150 Grams:
Pure Water: Cups
Granulated Sugar: Cups
Powered Sugar: Cups
Honey: 8 Cups
All Purpose Flour Cups
Butter: Cups
Coconut Oil: Cups
Olive Oil: Cups
Milk: Cups

How many ounces are 125g?

Calculate! 125 grams of flour is equivalent to 8.01 ( 8) fluid ounces. Specifically, 8.0052137078227 US fluid ounces. All statistics are approximate. Each day’s quotation