How Many Cups Are In 5 Lb Of Sugar?

A pound of granulated sugar contains cups.

Pounds of Sugar Cups (US)
1 lb 2.25 cups
2 lb 4.5 cups
5 lb 11.25 cups
10 lb 22.5 cups

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How many cups does five pounds yield?

Cups per pound for all-purpose flour

Pounds Cups
2 lb 7.25 cups
3 lb 10.87 cups
4 lb 14.5 cups
5 lb 18.12 cups

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I filled them with brand-new bags of flour, sugar, and beans as soon as they came. I have a smaller container for tea bags. It was the pinnacle of domesticity. When I attempted to utilize the ingredients a few weeks later, I found a terrible secret: the containers are not sealed.

My sugar was likely clumpy as a result of moisture seeping in around the lid. My flour began to smell somewhat rotten. Yikes! The tea brewed by my stale tea bags was unimpressive. So, as much as I adored them, I was forced to replace them, or at least find safer items to put in them while I searched for more suitable containers for my flour and sugar.

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And discover something better I did. The OXO Good Grips Pop 4.4-Quart Container can accommodate a five-pound bag of flour in its entirety. Is there anything more enjoyable than dumping a full bag directly into its storage container and without having to keep a half-bag or a quarter-bag elsewhere, only to forget about it when you run out? I can respond to it.

  • No. According to these methods for preserving flour’s freshness, air is the enemy of fresh flour.
  • Air causes flour to become rancid, and while you may still cook with flour that is beginning to age, the flavor is not ideal.
  • If you devote weeks to priming a sourdough starter for a loaf, the last thing you want to do is use subpar flour.

The OXO Good Grips Pop Container Line is constructed entirely of BPA-free plastic. Both the stainless steel and plastic lids are elegant and tidy. Each container includes a huge push button on the top of the lid that, when pressed, creates an airtight barrier to protect flour and other goods from air.

A silicone ring surrounding the lid prevents any air from entering after it has been sealed. Sur La Table Buy it: $19; The 4.4-quart container can accommodate a five-pound bag of flour in its whole. It can also accommodate a five-pound bag or container of oats. You’re in luck if you want a matching set for all your baking supplies.

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Air is unquestionably the enemy of this baking need as well, transforming it into a brick with even brief air drafts. The 1,1-quart POP container is large enough to hold a 16-ounce bag of brown sugar. It can also accommodate a large salt container. Sur La Table Buy it: $12; You can also purchase OXO Pop Containers in sets.

This 10-piece set includes the two larger containers mentioned above (4.4 and 2.8 quarts), as well as one 2.7-quart rectangle container that can hold an entire five-pound bag of rice; one 2.2-quart tall container that can fit two boxes of spaghetti or one tube of crackers; two 1.1-quart petite square containers that are ideal for storing loose leaf teas or dried fruit; two 0.6-quart containers that are ideal for storing a bag of peas or a box of tea bags; and Sur La Table Buy it: $100; Need to accommodate a certain food? This useful POP Storage Containers tutorial from OXO might be of use.

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What size container is required for five pounds of sugar?

2 big containers (16 cups / 3.8 liters) are the perfect size for a 5-pound bag of flour and sugar.2 little containers (3.25 cups /.77 liters) that are ideal for keeping additional baking or decorating goods!