2 Lbs Of Brown Sugar Is How Many Cups?

2 Lbs Of Brown Sugar Is How Many Cups
There are cups in a pound of brown sugar (packed)

Pounds of Sugar Cups (US)
1/2 lb 1.17 cups
1 lb 2.33 cups
2 lb 4.66 cups
5 lb 11.65 cups

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How many Cups are in two pounds?

How much is a pound?

US pound Cups Cups
2 lb 3.82 cups 2.64 cups
3 lb 5.73 cups 3.3 cups
4 lb 7.64 cups 3.96 cups
5 lb 9.55 cups 4.62 cups

How many cups of brown sugar are in a 2 kilogram bag?

Table of sugar weight to volume conversions

Kilograms Cups (Granulated) Cups (Brown)
2 kg 10 c 10 c
2.25 kg 11 1/4 c 11 1/4 c
2.5 kg 12 1/2 c 12 1/2 c
2.75 kg 13 3/4 c 13 3/4 c

Can molasses be used in place of brown sugar?


What if neither light nor dark brown sugar is available? – If you have molasses and white granulated sugar, you may create a replacement. Replace one cup of brown sugar in a recipe with one cup of white granulated sugar and two teaspoons of molasses for light brown sugar, or one cup of white granulated sugar and one tablespoon of molasses for dark brown sugar.

  • There is no need to combine the molasses and sugar; simply add both ingredients to the recipe at once.
  • Note that brown sugar (213g per cup) weighs somewhat more than white sugar, but do not be concerned with this difference.
  • After adding the molasses, the weight of your own brown sugar will be extremely close to that of “real” brown sugar, and your recipe will not require any more modifications.
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In a pinch, brown sugar can be substituted for white granulated sugar, but to do so is to tempt the culinary gods.