11 Ounces Of Sugar Is How Many Cups?

11 Ounces Of Sugar Is How Many Cups
Quantity: 1 oz of powdered sugar bulk Equals 0.23 US cups (cup us) in volume of powdered sugar – Calculate US cups of powdered sugar per ounce unit. The powdered sugar converter for use by professional chefs, culinary courses, students, and home cooks.

How many cups is 11 ounces?

How Many Cups Does 11 Ounces Comprise? – 11 ounces of water equals 1 1/3 cups. Please be aware that ounces and cups cannot be interchanged. You must know the component you are converting in order to determine the precise number of cups needed for 11 ounces. Consult the chart below for an exact 11-ounce to cup conversion.