Sweet, Hot, and Delicious Tea Mixed Drinks and Cocktails

When the holidays start to roll around, or you’re celebrating a special occasion
or even just an impromptu gathering of friends and family, it’s fun to serve
something different, rather than the same old standby beverages you usually
have on hand.
Here are three luscious, hot, sweet, and irresistible cocktails and mixed drinks
made with flavored hot tea as the base, together with liquors like Bailey’s
Irish Cream and Amaretto that are sure to be a bit hit at your next get-


            Creamy Caramel Delight

6 oz. Pear Caramel Truffle Tea (brewed)
2 oz. Bailey’s Irish Cream Caramel Liquor
Prepared/Canned Whipped Cream
(optional) Caramel ice cream topping

Prepare tea
Mix in Baileys liquor
Top w/whipped cream
(optional) drizzle caramel topping over
whipped cream.
Serve hot

(See below for a list of recommended teas
used in the drink recipes).

Amaretto Almond Tea
6 oz. hot almond tea (brewed)
2 oz. Amaretto almond liquor
Prepared/canned whipped cream
Prepare tea
Mix in Amaretto liquor
Top w/whipped cream
Serve hot


Chocolate Mint Delight
6 oz. Chocolate Truffle Tea
2 oz. Bailey’s Irish Cream-Chocolate Mint
Prepared/canned whipped cream
(optional) chocolate sauce ice cream topping
Prepare tea
Mix in Bailiey’s liquor
Top w/whipped cream
(optional) drizzle chocolate sauce over whipped cream
Serve hot

The following are the teas I use and recommend for preparing the hot tea drink
recipes above, but you can use any of your favorites that you find are similar.


Creamy Caramel Delight Recipe– Mighty Leaf Tea’s Pear Caramel Truffle Tea 

Amaretto Almond Tea – Adagio Tea’s Almond Tea 

Chocolate Mint Delight – Mighty Leaf Tea’s Chocolate Truffle Tea