Recipe Apple Harvest Hot Spiced Tea

Nothing says fall like hot apple cider and warming, spicy cinnamon.  Add hot and soothing tea
and you have the perfect harvest drink to keep you nice and warm during the brisk fall days
and nights.
Apple Harvest Spiced Tea is perfect to take along
on your hayride through the pumpkin fields or to
take in a thermos while watching over your little
ghosts and goblins on Halloween trick or treating,
or while watching your favorite team play football.
You can either make the recipe with a plain, black
tea (such as

India’s AssamDarjeeling, or Nilgiri), or
I usually switch off making it with two different
flavored teas.
The first,

Oriental Spice Tea from                   is
made w/
Ceylon black tea, warm spices like cinna-
mon, cardamom, ginger, and orange peel. And with
the fresh orange juice in the recipe you get a
smart, spicy citrusy kick of flavor added to smooth,
sweet apple cider, brisk black tea and spices.

The other flavored tea I use to make it with is Christmas Tea,
also from                   which has a smooth blend of Assam black tea,
cinnamon bark, orange peels, natural spice flavor, cardamom
pods, cloves, natural cinnamon and ginger flavor and ginger root.
You have to taste this to truly appreciate how good it is.  Even
though it’s called

Christmas Tea, it’s good anytime you want a hot spicy, soothing and warming
cup of tea.  And in this recipe it is about as perfect a combination
of flavors as you can get.
So, get busy and brew up a batch-or maybe two, because once
you try it and share with others, it will disappear faster than
those halloween ghostys and goblins (and their treats) 🙂


Apple Harvest Hot Spiced Tea  (makes 4 to 6 – 8 oz. servings) 

4 cups cold, fresh water
2 1/2 Tblsp loose tea or 8 tea bags (use plain black, 
Oriental Spice, OR Christmas Tea
1/4 cup sugar
1 cup orange juice
2 cups apple cider
1-6″ cinnamon stick-broken into pieces (not needed if using
Oriental Spice or Christmas Tea flavored teas)
Slices of fresh orange/apple for garnishment (optional)

Heat 4 cups of water to 190 to 200F.
Add 2 1/2 tablespoons loose tea (or 8 tea bags) and broken pieces of cinnamon if not
using flavored tea.  Steep for 3 1/2 to 5 minutes. Strain and discard used leaves
and spice.
In a two quart saucepan add brewed tea, 1/4 cup sugar, 1 cup orange juice, and
2 cups apple cider, and heat through (do not boil).
Add a fresh orange slice or apple wedge to cup rim as garnishment (optional)

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