Jasmine – A Sweet Scent for the Taste Buds

Jasmine is one of the most popular of the scented teas.  A classic Chinese crea-
tion, early jasmine teas were made with a base of either green or pouchong tea,
both of which are slightly oxidized, and the blossoms of jasmine.  But today you
can find jasmine tea with bases of black, white, green, pouchong, oolong or
pu-erh tea.
The Chinese have worked to per-
fect the manufacturing technique for 
scented teas
since about the third century, when jasmine first
made its appearance and became popular.
Today jasmine tea is still produced mainly in China,
in the

Fujian Province, and in Taiwan.  The process
begun centuries ago still remains mostly untouched
by time.
It begins in the morning when the gentle, sweet
smelling jasmine flowers are picked fresh, and kept
cool during the day so they won’t open too soon.

As evening approaches, the flowers start to open
and are then stacked next to raw green, oolong,
black or

white tea in very precise proportions.

There they stay for about four hours as the tea absorbs the flower’s scent.

For ordinary grade tea, the spreading of tea and flower will be
carried out a second and third time.

But for superior grade tea, the spreading and piling will be done
seven or more times over the course of a month.

The leaves are then fired to remove any excess moisture in either
the flower blossoms or tea leaves.  The blossoms are then either
removed or mixed together with the tea leaves to make an attractive combination.

The Many Sweet Selections of Jasmine
To Choose From

There’s a delightful selection of jasmine and other scented teas that are available for your
enjoyment.  Here’s a listing of some of the most sought after jasmine teas for you to try.

Jasmine Monkey King
This is a delicately flavored tea that’s good for drinking any
time of the day or night.  It makes a great accompaniment to
spicy foods and poultry.

Jasmine Pearl
This tea is as much fun to look at, as it is to drink.  Large,
beautifully crafted pearls of tea, are bound together with
jasmine flowers.  A wonderfully 
flavored tea, good for day or
night.  Goes well with savory foods or stands alone.
Some other jasmine teas to look for are Jasmine Chung Freng, Jasmine Heung Pin, and Jasmine
Hubei, all green teas.  There’s also Jasmine

Pouchong, a lightly oxidized tea, Jasmine Mandarin
Oolong, a semi-oxidized tea, White Jasmine Yin Hao Silver Tip, a slightly oxidized white tea, and
Black Yunnan tea, a fully oxidized black tea.  Enjoy.