Tea – the Perfect Gift For All Seasons and All Reasons

Nothing says you care more than a gift of tea.  Second only to water in
popularity worldwide, tea is not only a unique beverage, but it’s also
versatile.  It’s delicious 
hot or cold and has an amazing list of health
benefits.  I’ve compiled a list of just some of the reasons I find tea to
be an absolutely perfect beverage, as well as a wonderful and thought-
ful gift to give friends, family, and loved ones (or to serve) for just about
any occassion.
Let’s begin with taste, be-
cause that’s one of the
most important aspects of
any beverage.  Face it, if something doesn’t taste
good, you won’t want to drink it, right?
Luckily, tea tastes great hot or

cold, alone, or mix-
ed together with other beverages such as fruit
juices.  It’s even becoming a popular mixer in cock-
tails or punch (alcoholic and non).
Teas is inexpensive, which is an important point be-
cause cost matters, especially these days.  Most all
teas, even the highest quality, most expensive
ones such as

traditional budset white teas cost
less than fifty cents a cup, with most costing a
quarter a cup or less.  And teas with multiple infus-

ions like green, white, oolong and pu erhs cost just pennies a cup.

Tea is convenient.  You can brew up a cup of tea most anywhere you are.  Tuck a tea bag and a
bottle of water into your bag and you’re ready to brew easy as 1-2-3.  At work, at school, even
in your car with 
12v travel mugs that plug into the lighter, or even special USB cables for your
computer.  Even the waiting room of my clinic has a hot/cold water dispenser, so while waiting
you can brew up a quick cup of tea.

Variety – it’s said there are over 20,000 distinctive teas available
today.  How’s that for choice?  With literally thousands of flavors,
scents, and blends, it’s safe to say you’ll never find your cup
of tea boring.

Customize – if you like to experiment with different flavors and com-
binations, you can create your own unique blends with fillable tea
bags and your favorite flavors and loose teas.

Tea tastes great hot or cold or is ready to drink when you are.
Nothing quenches your thirst quite like a nice cold glass of iced
tea, or soothes or relaxes like a cup of hot tea.  And nothing
provides a healthy substitute for soda, energy drinks, or high
calorie, high caffeine coffee drinks when you’re on the run, like
ready to drink (RTD) canned or bottled teas, available in lots of
great flavors and combinations.

Tea is naturally low in caffeine.  And, because of the tannins
found in tea, your body processes rather than the quick, jittery
blast you get from soda, coffee, or other caffeinated beverages.

Tea is naturally low in calories but tastes just the opposite.  Instead of choosing a high calorie
dessert after dinner, why not try a cup of sweet and spicy chai tea.                     offers a variety
of chai teas including masala chai, thai chai, chocolate chai, rooibos vanilla, spiced apple, and
green chai.  Click the Adagio link above to learn more.

Or, how does chocolate truffle tea sound?  Mighty Leaf tea offers a chocolate truffle tea
assortment of six delicious teas. Click here to get yours!                          If you are on a low
calorie, low fat diet (or any diet for that matter), you no longer have to suffer through your
sweet tooth cravings.  Just have a sweet, satisfying cup of your favorite tea.

Tea is versatile.  Tea is the only beverage that can
help you wake up in the morning, give you a nice
little afternoon pick-me-up at work, help you wind
down and relax in the evening, and then help you
fall asleep at night.  Whatever the mood – there’s a tea for that.

Tea is easy to brew.  Whether you’re brewing from scratch with loose tea or using tea bags or
an electric tea brewer, it’s fast and easy to make a great tasting cup of tea.

Tea is very healthy.  Last, but certainly not least, tea has amazing health
benefits.  From 
losing weight to kicking colds and flu, tea is a powerful
disease fighter, and everyday it seems we learn a little more about the
new ways it’s helping to keep us healthy.

As you can see, tea is truly remarkable and makes a thoughtful and caring
gift to give to friends, family, and loved ones, and also to serve to guests
or on special occasions or holidays.

Be sure to visit The Tea Detective’s Gift of Tea Store to find your favorite
teas, or a nice tea gift for someone special.  As always,