Which Line Would Be Best To Include In A Summary Of Early Victorian Tea Set”?

The desire for tea in England was a contributing factor in conflicts all over the world. Which of the following would be the most appropriate to include in a short synopsis of the article titled ″Early Victorian Tea Set″? MacGregor demonstrates that the British demand for tea was responsible for the transformation of many other nations throughout the world.

Which line from “early Victorian tea set” shows the best summary?

According to the information shown above, ″Early Victorian Tea Set″ was authored by Neil McGregor, and the line that provides the most accurate overview of this topic is the one that comes before the last choice. This is the statement that best encapsulates the impact that the thirst of the British people has had on cultures all around the world.

Which best includes a summary of the tea set by MacGregor?

The phrase ″MacGregor demonstrates that the British thirst for tea influenced numerous nations throughout the world″ is the proper line to use since it best offers a summary. Tea consumption is by far the most popular custom practiced by British citizens. MacGregor is of the opinion that the antique tea set is a representation of the history of Britain.

What makes a good Victorian tea party?

  1. A blazing open fire is one of the items that should be present at a genuine Victorian tea party, especially on a chilly winter afternoon.
  2. The nicest of afternoon tea tables should be placed close enough to the fireplace to provide the appearance of coziness.
  3. These tables should not be one of the little affairs that can only accommodate a half-dozen cups, but rather a good-sized one that is capable of practical service.
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What is a tea set made of?

The most common beverage of all was tea, which was an indispensable component of daily living for everyone in the British populace. The item that best illustrates this transformation is a tea set consisting of three pieces of reddish-brown stoneware: a rather tiny teapot measuring around 14 centimeters (6 inches) in height and with a short straight spout; a sugar bowl; and a milk jug.

Which line would be the best to include in a summary of Hokusai’s The Great Wave?

  1. Which phrase best captures the essence of Hokusai’s ″The Great Wave″ and should be included in a synopsis of the work?
  2. Visiting Tokyo is required in order to have a true appreciation for Japanese art.
  3. I find Japanese art to be quite interesting, and one of my favorites is called ″The Great Wave.″ MacGregor adds that the symbolism of The Great Wave represents the shifting position that Japan holds in the globe.

Which excerpt from early Victorian tea set best expresses Macgregors view point about tea?

Which passage from Early Victorian Tea Set is the clearest example of MacGregor’s perspective on the beverage? ″what could possibly be less British than a cup of tea, considering that tea is manufactured from plants cultivated in India or China, and that it is sometimes sweetened with sugar from the Caribbean?″

What is MacGregor’s viewpoint in this passage quizlet?

  1. Where does MacGregor stand in relation to the events described in this passage?
  2. The meaning of ″The Great Wave″ can be construed in a variety of different ways.
  3. In what way does the passage that is quoted from Christine Guth support the thesis that MacGregor is making about The Great Wave?
  4. It sees the wave not just as a method of traveling and conducting business, but also as a tool of isolating Japan.
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What is the author’s viewpoint quizlet?

The author’s viewpoint may be defined as the manner in which the author views and discusses the subject at hand. One’s background, skills, and experiences all have a role in shaping their perspective. a point of view held by a person.

Which is the best description of the poet’s treatment of the subject of the poem?

Which of the following is the most accurate description of how the poet approaches the subject of the poem? In order to present the subject, he employs visuals.

Which statement best describes how the image reinforces the text?

Which of the following statements provides the greatest description of how the image complements the text? The graphic adds interest to the text by providing a glance of the plaques.

What is the author’s viewpoint in this excerpt so The Great Wave?

Where does the author stand on the issues discussed in this snippet? The Great Wave is a symbol in Japanese culture that conveys ambiguity and conflicting emotions.

What is the author’s viewpoint in this excerpt the great wave was created using European techniques?

Where does the author stand on the issues discussed in this snippet? The Great Wave is a hybrid work, a combination of European materials and customs with a Japanese sensibility, and it is far from representing the quintessence of Japan. The Great Wave is a symbol in Japanese culture that conveys ambiguity and conflicting emotions.

When a sentence uses the subject of the sentence performs the action of the verb quizlet?

When a statement is written in active voice, the subject of the sentence is the one who carries out the action that the verb describes. You just learned 24 terms!

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What technique does the author use to engage the reader?

If you want to really develop a connection between your readers and the characters in your narrative or the narrator of your story, use a conversational tone. Include a large number of action words for a pace that is interesting. Tell the crucial narrative of someone else by detailing the event they’ve had and expressing sympathy for them.

What is the author’s purpose quizlet?

Terms included in this group (13) The cause or goal that motivates an author to put pen to paper is known as the author’s purpose. It is possible for an author’s goal to be to entertain the reader, to convince the reader of anything, to enlighten the reader, or to lampoon a situation. The manner in which something is ordered or laid out is referred to as its format.

What is the author’s viewpoint about the mark given to the Embrence?

In what way does the author feel the mark that was assigned to the Embrence should be interpreted? He would like to do away with the practice of physically marking the occasion of the Embrence. He holds the belief that the custom of physically marking the Embrence is one that is harsh and inhumane.

What do the letters in pie stand for?

Persuade, inform, entertain.

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