What Is Cheese Foam Tea?

Cheese tea is also sometimes referred to as cheese foam tea. It is either green or black iced tea, and it is topped with a thick and creamy froth of whipped cheese. Would a cheese foam work as a topping for a hot beverage?

What is cream cheese foam tea made of?

After that, a layer of cream cheese foam, which typically includes cream cheese, whipped cream, and sweetened condensed milk, is spread over the top of the tea, and it is finished off with a dash of salt. The flavor of the salted and sweet cream cheese topping is combined with the flavor of the sweetened tea in each and every sip.

How do you make Salted Cream cheese foam for milk tea?

Instructions for making your own own salted cream cheese foam to top your milk tea. 1 and a quarter ounce of cream cheese (just plain! Do not get flavored or light variations) 2 and a half cups of whipped cream. 3 1/3 to 1/2 cup of milk with a 2 percent concentration. 4 1/4 cup sugar (more or less to taste) 5 milligrams of natural sea salt (to taste)

What is cheese tea?

The froth on top of the cheese is dense, but you can still drink it like you would a latte or cappuccino. In contrast to these other beverages, cheese tea is often consumed ice cold and is made with either green or black tea, but a variety of other varieties of tea and tisanes may also be used.

What is the cheese in milky teas called?

However, it was discovered that the cheese in issue is cream cheese, and that using it as a topping for milky teas is a delicious way to enjoy its flavor. At various tea shops, you’ll hear this topping referred to by a wide variety of names, including Milk Cap, Cheese Cap, Milk Foam, Milk Mustache, Cheese foam, and many more.

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