Help and Advice on Everything Tea – From Tea Facts, to Tea Brewing Tips, Buying Tips, Health Benefits, Organic Teas and More

Welcome to The Tea Detective.  You are invited to come along on a fascinating journey into the world of tea.  Our goal is to help you better understand the tea plant and all its intricacies, while gaining insight into the many different countries and cultures that work arduously to produce the quality teas, brought to your table each day.While exploring The Tea Detective, you’ll discover:


    • Lots of great tea brewing tips, such as how to brew tea, how to prepare the many
      different types and styles, how long to steep tea, and the proper water temperature.
    • The six main types of tea and the production method that determines whether its leaves
      will become black tea, green tea, white, yellow, oolong, or sheng or shou pu-erh.
    • Tea facts and history – learn about the many countries that produce tea, including how and
      where it’s grown, harvesting methods, and the various manufacturing processes.

You’ll also learn:

    • How to properly store tea, preserving quality and freshness
    • What to know when buying loose leaf teas
    • The differences and similarities between Fair Trade and Organic teas
    • Teas many health benefits
    • “Terroir” – what it is and the effect it has on tea
    • How to cook with tea and free recipes
    • Tea reviews
    • How to make your own flavored teas, and much, much more
Be sure to also visit our Measure and Yield page to help calculate the number of cups per pound
of tea, and the cost per cup. Also stop by our Measuring Loose Tea page to help you figure out
how much tea is needed to brew a single cup, a full teapot, or even various sized cups, large
mugs, or travel mugs, as well as how to measure tea by volume or weight.
Some Like it Hot and
Some Like it Cold
Learn lots of fun tea facts such as the history of the teapot, and
how iced tea was bron on a hot summer’s day in 1904 at the
St. Louis World’s Fair. Over the years teas popularity has
exploded, and the variety has grown right along with it.And while on the subject of iced tea, be sure to stop by for com-
plete recipes for a couple favorites of mine: Strawberry Iced
Tea, made with fresh or frozen strawberries, and refreshing,
thirst quenching Strawberry Lemonade Iced Tea.Whether it’s black, green, white, flavored, scented, or blended, hot
or cold, chances are your favorite kind of tea is out there. Choose from India’s hot and spicy
chai tea, or is it citrus flavors of orange, lemon, or lime that you love? Or lean how to brew teas
such as smooth and sweet Hong Kong style Milk Tea or Taiwan’s sweet, chewy Bubble Tea.Stop by our specialty and gourmet page to
learn more about unique teas that are a treat
for the taste buds, including delicious and
beautiful Blooming or Display teas (they make
a perfect finish to a dinner party), and watch
the awe on everyone’s face as they “bloom”
while steeping.There are blended teas, such as the popular
Earl Grey, or Irish or English Breakfast teas
that pair well with fatty breakfast foods like
bacon, eggs, and sausage. Or choose from
the hundreds of herbal teas, such as chamo-
mile, or scented teas such as jasmine, rose,
or lotus tea, still made in Vietnam the tradi-
tional way, by hand.
The choices are truly unlimited. But if by chance you can’t find your
favorite flavor of tea, stop by our Blended and Fillable Tea Bags page,
and with a few helpful tea brewing tips make your own flavored tea
bags, fast and easy.But before you rush off to make yourself a nice, relaxing cup of tea
(or if you’re at work, a little afternoon pick-me-up), take the time to
stop by our tea tools and accessories page, with all kinds of neat
gadgets that will help you learn how to brew tea not only faster and
easier, but more enjoyable as well. Also be sure to visit our
Tea On The Go page, with lots of helpful tea facts and tea brewing
tips and ideas, on taking your tea with you.

Going Green Inside and Out
If you’re looking to go green, a great place to start is by adding
organic tea and foods to your daily menu. We’ll help with a guide
to the rules and regulations of organic farming and how to tell if
the tea or food product you’re buying is genuinely organic.

We’ll also explain what Fair Trade tea is and how it benefits every-
one, and the rules and origin of the Ethical Tea Partnership or ETP.

Tea has evolved over many centuries, but because it’s grown in so
many countries, there are no set rules for naming and terminology,
other than the grading standard for black tea.

To try and save you some confusion and frustration, we’ve added
pages on naming and grading and terminology, with a history of
tea names page.

And if you’re a newbie to all things tea, take a peek at our buying
tea page, with plenty of tea facts and tips to help you choose just the right tea for your palate, and our Buying Loose
Leaf Tea page to help guide your foray into the world of whole leaf, loose tea, and what to look for when purchasing
different kinds of tea.

You’ll also get lots of advice and tea brewing tips on how to brew loose leaf teas, along with the correct water
temperature and steeping times, for different types and styles.

From A to Z – Fighting the Good Fight
Against Colds and Disease
You’ve likely heard it said “if something tastes good, it’s probably not good for you.”
Well, that might be true of ice cream or a big ol’ piece of chocolate cake, but when it
comes to tea it’s way off the mark.

The long list of health benefits includes fighting cold and flu viruses, helping in
weight loss, helps to boost the immune system, as well as fight heart disease and
cancer, aids in digestion, helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels for
diabetics, is low in caffeine, and so much more. In short, next to water tea is one
of the healthiest beverages on the planet.

These are just a few of the topics we cover here at The Tea Detective. Journey along as we make our way through
the vast array of tea growing regions around the world, starting with tea giants, China, India, and Japan, and move
on to Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Africa and its tea producing territories (Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, and Uganda), and on to
Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam, to name just a few.

And, once you’ve read about the teas of each country, you can then go on to learn about
the types and styles of tea grown there, the climate and terroir, the processing methods,
and even the early tea facts and history, and the culture of tea and tea drinking in each
area of the world. You’ll also learn the methods of preparation, and how to brew tea
from each different country, as well as other valuable tea brewing tips and techniques.

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We sincerely hope you enjoy your visit. We’re adding new information and pages often, so be sure to stop by again
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