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Ready to Drink Tea in an Instant
Following on the heels of iced tea, it took over 40 years for instant tea and
ready-to-drink teas (RTD) to make their debut and become popular.

The taste for powdered instant tea didn't really catch on until the 1950's, and
even then it was a poor substitute for the real thing.  Even today it's still con-
sidered to be sort of like the kool-aid of teas.
Instant tea is made by brewing tea leaves
and removing the liquid.  Sugar and preserv-
atives are added, and sometimes flavorings,
such as lemon or berry flavor.  All you have
to do is add it to water, stir, and you've got
tea-sort of.

Another innovation that followed
iced tea
was ready-to-drink (RTD) teas.  Realizing the
huge marketing potential, it didn't take long
for the soft drink manufacturers and tea
companies to join together to create ready
to drink tea-based products.

Available in cans and bottles, ready to drink
tea can be found in supermarkets, vending
machines, convenience stores, and every-
where in between.  Made with
green tea,
black tea, and now white tea, RTD teas come
and unsweetened, flavored with lemon, peach, or berries, or un-
flavored, carbonated and non-carbonated.

Some taste of tea--others not so much, containing more sugar and
flavorings than actual tea.  Some tout
health benefits and claim to
be all natural.

I have to admit that if I'm on the run, hot and thirsty, I'll reach for
a Snapple, sweetened, with lemon, or a bottle of Lipton sweetened
black tea with lemon, over a soft drink, and they're both pretty good.  So it comes down to a
matter of convenience rather than taste for me.  But I'm no snob about it.

My thoughts on instant or RTD tea is this;  if you like the taste and it's something you enjoy,
then go for it.  Like with all teas, it comes down to personal tastes and preferences.  If it tastes
good to you--then it's good.  

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