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Did you know that tea is the second most popular drink in the
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We'll introduce you to all the tea producing countries and their unique teas, as well as
bring you up-to-date on the top ten major tea producers worldwide.  
Also included:
  •  The six main types of tea
  •  Brewing and steeping tips
  •  Free recipes
  •  Advice on measuring loose tea,
        as well as cost and yield per cup
  •  Up-to-date health benefits
  •  New tea and product reviews  

Get tips on cooking with tea along with
tasty recipes, and learn which teas are
best to drink at different times of the
  •  to awaken in the morning
  • revitalize during the late morning
  • pick-me-up in the afternoon
  • which teas help you relax and wind down in the evening
  • and which ones help you fall asleep faster and easier at bedtime.
                                            Also included are tips and suggestions on preparing
                                            and serving tea when entertaining, such as pairing the
                                            right tea with different foods (a lot like choosing the
                                            right wine with food).  And when preparing for holiday
                                            entertaining, learn about using tea to make cocktails
                                            and mixed drinks.  There's even a new tea infused
                                            wine and Sweet Tea Vodka perfect as mixers or drinks
                                            during the holidays.                     
You'll also recieve informative how-to-guides on brewing and steeping different
types and styles of tea (including an old Chinese secret on how to gauge water
temperature just by watching the water as it boils).  

Also get tips and info on:

  •  How to make your own flavored teas
  •   Measuring and making iced tea by the gallon
  •  Making your own fillable tea bags
  •  Losing weight with tea

You'll also receive:

  •  Tea storage tips
  •  News on handy tools and accessories that make brewing fun and easier
  •  great tea gift ideas for everyone on your list

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